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A group of young girls all wearing read capes as part of the production of Tender Young Creatures

A chorus of up to 100 girls aged 12-18 lead the audience through a nocturnal landscape. Moving through harmonies, melodies, monologues and chants, the 100 voices, led by original cast members, create forests and houses filled with the threat of the Wolf.

Tender Young Creatures is an interactive re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood.

Sylvie Maree, Scarlett Gibson-Williams, and Tallulah Simpson leaning against a balcony in the Mitchell Reading Room of the State Library in the production of SALT

Inspired by ancient myths of the female heroine, SALT explores the fragility, certainty and strength of girls as they find themselves women.

Danielle O’Keefe’s award winning female ensemble swaddle the audience in haunting choral music. Through a synergy of moving bodies and an original choral score, SALT follows an emotional journey of female adolescence into womanhood. Performed and devised by The House ensemble of teenage girls, we witness them wrestle the ocean and emerge heroic.

A moment from the production of Salt 360, where a young woman is wringing her skirt.

Young women, siren-like, invite the audience into a salty, female, underwater world by way of a highly evocative 360 degree projection.

SALT 360 is the immersive film incarnation of Salt, surrounding the viewer in an underwater world of female adolescence.

SALT 360 can be presented in conjunction with a live performance of SALT.

Jayden Selvakumaraswamy singing in the production of Reverence (a collaboration with Rose Riebl)

Reverence is the result of a collaboration with Rose Riebl, the recipient of The 'House Commission of Female Composers 2022'.

Dawn. The wind whips through the empty city. The women emerge from their hiding places now that the fighting has stopped.


Over 9 choral movements, the traditional format of an operatic requiem, 3 female voices explore the harmony and dissonance of grief and womanhood.

Photograph of red caps hanging in an installation of 100 Capes. 100 Stories.

We walk through a field of red capes. We might be in bushland, an old house, a gallery, or a stone courtyard. The capes float above and around us like so many invisible girls as we hear stories of women’s lives braided together with a stirring chorus of women’s voices.

100 Women hero 1.jpg

An uplifting choral celebration of women's stories! Sung by 100 women from across the city, it was written by 6 female Australian composers and inspired by interviews with 100 women from across the country.

This epic choral piece can be performed by up to 100 women from your local community.

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