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The House raises girls’ voices and advances women's careers. To be heard, to connect, to share joy. 


1 - To create vocal performances championed by festivals, venues and events synonymous with artistic excellence.

2 - To unearth and propel the next generation of female composers, songwriters and performers across regional, remote and metropolitan Australia.



Music composed as part of 'ECHO' by Yunyu Ong and ensemble.


  1. 1 - Work hard (Rigour and discipline. Scales)

  2. 2 - Be Strategic (make a lasting impact, strategic longevity)

  3. 3 - Build Knowledge (each one teach one - learn do teach)

  4. 4 - Embrace risk (pursue a vision without knowing the outcome, in the unexpected lies the extraordinary)

  5. 5 - Delivering through a culture of joy.

Annual reports
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