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The House raises girls’ voices and advances women's careers. To be heard, to connect, to share joy. 

The House that Dan Built (The House) supports girls and women find their voice - to be heard, to connect, to share joy.  Our program of activities is a strategic investment toward realising two specific complementary goals:


  1. Generate vocal performances suitable for programming by venues, festivals and events synonymous with artistic excellence; and

  2. Unearth and propel the careers of the next generation of female composers, songwriters and performers locally, regionally, nationally.

The House is forging a national reputation for its groundbreaking investment in the voices of girls and women. The company specialises in connecting leading female composers, singers and creative explorers with everyday Australians to celebrate the female stories and unlock potential across NSW.

The House exists to provide opportunities to people who, due to their experience of gender, have faced exclusion or alienation from artistic spaces. This applies of course to trans and non binary people who feel connected to woman/girlhood and/or feel safe and represented in women’s spaces.

Music composed as part of 'ECHO' by Yunyu Ong and ensemble.

The House that Dan Built is a NSW based music organisation that raises girls’ voices and advances women's careers. 


The House plays a unique role in amplifying and nurturing the power of the female voice and its capacity to communicate experiences without words, resulting in respected public performances. Underpinning The House’s programs are the principles of participation, empowerment, self-determination and the joyful artistic expression of women and girls.


The House scholarships girls, mentors young women, and commissions established composers to create new works that champion the female voice. Our work has been seen at The National Gallery of Australia, the Venice Biennale in Angelica Mesiti's ASSEMBLY, and Festival Tokyo in SCO’s THE HOWLING GIRLS. We have performed original work at Carriageworks, National Art School, State Library NSW, Biennale of Sydney, JSPAC & Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.


1 - Work hard (Rigour and discipline. Scales)

2 - Be Strategic (make a lasting impact, strategic longevity)

3 - Build Knowledge (each one teach one - learn do teach)

4 - Embrace risk (pursue a vision without knowing the outcome, in the unexpected lies the extraordinary)

5 - Delivering through a culture of joy.

Annual reports





A report by Kath Melbourne. Supported by City of Sydney. 2021.

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