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An immersive choral performance

TENDER YOUNG CREATURES follows a girl’s journey as she leaves home full of optimism and curiosity, and lands in treacherous territory.

A chorus of 100 girls aged 12-18 lead the audience through a nocturnal landscape. Moving through harmonies, melodies, monologues, and chants, the 100 voices create a forest filled with the threat of the Wolf.

Pretty vocals of the beginning give way to war cries and pounding percussion as the fear is faced, explored and confronted. The red capes turn white, and the hunted becomes the hunter.

Built around the lived experience of the original cast and creatives, this immersive work gives the audience the experience of being a girl alone at night.

As you leave the theatre, the overwhelming feeling is one of defiance.

critical RESPONSE

\“Tender Young Creatures is to theatre as Clementine Ford's Fight Like A Girl is to literature. TYC is a rallying call to females young and old. We need to look at the messages we are teaching our girls in today's western society; don't walk alone late at night, don't dress in a provocative fashion, don't provoke the beast or you may get hurt. All these thoughts were running through my mind as I watched the play unfold.“ - Lou Pollard

"Tender Young Creatures ultimately explodes with female energy. By the time words like ‘sweat’, ‘claws’, ‘blood’ echo and a sudden, stunning percussion fills the space the audience is assured of the girls’ safety and future. With the settling of emotions and the return of logic, one can fully recognise what a rich, elegant and professional work this is." - Judith Greenway, Sydney Arts Guide

“Tender Young Creatures melds elements of the Red Riding Hood story into a short, purposeful, and well executed work of immersive theatre for all ages.” - Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald

“The girls were strong, tough and worldly. They were fierce and vocal. They were not waiting for a prince or cowering in fear. As a woman watching, I felt empowered and proud. These were the women of the future. ” - Emma Caldwell, Weekend Notes

“One of the many things that inspired me with this production is that ... the fear of the hunted was faced, explored and confronted. As you leave, the overwhelming feeling that remained, was defiance. This is one group of young women who, like Little Red Riding Hood, will not back down and will, most definitely, make their mark.” - Lynden Jones, On The Town



The House that Dan Built


Melanie Liertz

lighting DESIGN

Blake Garner


Ellen Dahl


Danielle O'Keefe

Original Ensemble Members

Isabella Balchin, Sarah Berelowitz, Elektra Blinder, Maddison Calcott, Grace Campbell, Jasmine Cohen, Kittu Hoyne, Claudia Meaney, Isobel Mosse-Robinson, Mahlia Petrie, Emily Pincock, Jayden Selvakumaraswamy, Iris Simpson, Amalia-Rose Tregonning, Tilly Wench, and Daisy Willow.


Interested in bringing Tender Young Creatures to your community? Download the info pack

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