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A moment from the production of Salt 360, where a young woman is wringing her skirt.

Young women, siren-like, invite the audience into a salty, female, underwater world by way of a highly evocative 360 degree projection.

SALT 360 is the immersive film incarnation of Salt, surrounding the viewer in an underwater world of female adolescence.

SALT 360 can be presented in conjunction with a live performance of SALT.

This work is in the final stages of editing and will be ready to tour in 2024.

Jayden Selvakumaraswamy singing in the production of Reverence (a collaboration with Rose Riebl)

Reverence is the result of a collaboration with Rose Riebl, the recipient of The 'House Commission of Female Composers 2022'.

Dawn. The wind whips through the empty city. The women emerge from their hiding places now that the fighting has stopped.


Over 9 choral movements, the traditional format of an operatic requiem, 3 female voices explore the harmony and dissonance of grief and womanhood.

Reverence is in the final stages of development and will be ready to tour in 2024.

Collage featuring Jayden Selvakumaraswamy for the production for Femina Controllata Machina

FEMINA CONTROLLATA MACHINA is collaborative development between Donna Hewitt and The House Performance Ensemble.

This is a futuristic, electronic opera that explores the possibilities, fears and potential threats surrounding the rapidly emerging epoch of artificial intelligence (AI), deep fake technology, cyborgs and intelligent humanoids.

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