An immersive visual installation and aural experience from composer, choral master and contemporary performance maker Danielle O’Keefe in collaboration with her cross-age ensemble of female artists. 


Inspired by ancient myths and storytelling of the female heroine, Salt explores the inextricable link humans have to the ocean and to salt - a vital molecule for the equilibrium of life.  “Salt is a substance of balance. It burns, it heals, it preserves – too much and we are the desert, parched and barren, unable to speak and then too little our bodies fail and the world tilts and rolls. It is the commodity of being human; stuff of tears, of blood and of our bonds to the ocean.” Danielle O’Keefe


Set in a sculptural, highly evocative 360 degree projected performance space, O’Keefe with her award winning young female ensemble showcase the haunting modality of choral music and the exquisite purity and strength of the solo and collective voice.


With a season by the sea, Salt premiered at the Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach from April 16th to 27th in 2019.