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An immersive choral performance with optional video installation

AUDIENCE: 12+      DURATION: 60 min

Sylvie Maree, Scarlett Gibson-Williams, and Tallulah Simpson leaning against a balcony in the Mitchell Reading Room of the State Library in the production of SALT

Inspired by ancient myths of the female heroine, SALT explores the fragility, certainty and strength of girls as they find themselves women. 


Danielle O’Keefe’s award winning ensemble swaddle the audience in haunting choral music. Through a synergy of moving bodies and an original choral score, SALT follows an emotional journey of female adolescence into womanhood.


Performed and devised by The House ensemble of teenage girls, we witness them wrestle the ocean and emerge heroic.

SALT is an immersive audience experience where the girls are in and amongst the audience, allowing audiences to experience singular vocal textures and tight choral harmonies.


The discord and harmony of the girl’s journey into womanhood is reflected in the central motif of salt; a substance of balance. Too much and we are the desert, dry and barren. Too little and our bodies fail as we lose equilibrium. Salt is the stuff of humanity; of tears, sweat and blood; and of our inextricable link to the ocean.

“I have to say I cried. I thought it was so beautiful. It really resonated with me, I’ve got a 15 year old daughter, and it said so much about being a teenage girl. It’s just beautiful. I loved the power of the girls, they controlled the whole floor and the audience just parted ways.” 

- Audience member (F)


“To be honest I found it quite terrifying. It really took me a moment to immerse myself in it and actually take it seriously, because it was so evocative and almost introspective for me.  Once I got myself in the zone I was in another world.” - Audience member (M)

The live performance of SALT can be presented together with the wide angle video installation SALT 360.

SALT 360 is an evocative underwater world that can be projected onto a wide, flat screen or extended to a 360 degree immersive experience experienced as a backdrop for the performance. After the performance season is complete, SALT 360 can remain with a recording of the choral score for audiences to enjoy as an exhibition experience. As alternatives, SALT can be performed without the projection, or SALT 360 can be solely experienced as an installation.



The House that Dan Built


Charlotte Breene, Joanna Joy, Shy Magsalin, Ruby McVicar, Audrey Ormella, Sophie Pekbilimli, Natalie Richards, and Tobhiyah Stone Feller


Danielle O'Keefe

Original Ensemble Members

Madison Ayton, Elektra Blinder, Grace Campbell, Kittu Hoyne, Kiri Jenssen, Amelie James-Power, Emily Pincock, Harper Pollard, Mikaela Rundle, Jayden Selvakumaraswamy, and Iris Simpson.


Interested in bringing SALT to your community? Download the info pack

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