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cross-generational women's stories that run through the Australian landscape.

"Julia" Composed by Arabella

"Talullah" Composed by Kiri & Kittu

"Marg" Composed by Maddy


The Long Table project explores the stories of women on the land across generations. At a long table, while sharing a meal, women and girls of all ages will engage with landscape, distance, relationships and the rapidly widening gap that technology is causing between the experiences of generations of rural women. Through the lens of teenage girls from all over NSW, the long table will deliver a platform to showcase and share these stories online.

The Long Table process will create a platform for the stories of rural women across multiple generations to be heard across Australia. With our support, young regional women will collect stories from the women in their communities. Through a documentation and presentation process, we seek to explore the changing relationships women have with the land and the generations before and after them.


The Long Table is a 4 phased project, that will result in an online video series that can be shared among the communities it is created and developed in.


1. Research: Interviews

2. Development: discussion & curation

3. Presentation: Freely accessible digital video-series via social media

4. Community consultation: the Long Table will help us engage with regional communities to see how we could best provide future opportunities, and continue the lineage of their stories in an artistic format.


The facilitation and documentation of our work is significant, as there is little research measuring the links between youth participation and community engagement as women. 

Empowering young women is very much in our present zeitgeist at THTDB. Young girls are on mass putting their hands up to say we want to participate. The Cooma Akin workshop April 2017, had 78 applications for 30 positions, which is showing us there are participants and audiences alike right across Australia. We want to make sure the girls who put their hands up are given the opportunity.

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