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Announcing our ARTIST LINEUP for FESTIVAL IN A BOX. Take a scroll through the tiles below and click on each image to be taken to that artist's profile. Or scroll below to read them all! 


I have always been told to tone it down


be quiet

be ladylike


You’re too loud, too weird, too funny


I feel like I do comedy for all the weirdos out there


I just wish I hadn’t spent so long trying to fit into places that didn’t want me.



Instagram:  @robyn_reynolds_  | Facebook | Website

Robyn Reynolds (UK) is a comedian and writer. Handpicked for the Emerging Artist Hub at Sydney Fringe Festival, her sold-out debut was then shortlisted for Best Comedy. She was recently the Artist in Residence at the Old 505 Theatre with her writing partner Madeleine Stewart. 

“Robyn Reynolds shone in her segment, serving punchlines hard and fast in her fresh brand of witty and energetic humour. Clearly talented in the structure and timing of comedy, it’s not hard to see why she’s a fast-rising comic in the Sydney scene.” - Theatre Travels


A mindfulness project inspired by my experience as an artist in Sydney's 2020 lockdown. I wrote sharpie on streams of A4 pieces of paper and stuck them up on all my house walls. I needed to see my world was still moving and growing - so I wrote a stream of conscious writing as a coping mechanism. 

I have created a gift that will help people find one moment per day to consciously think and do something for themselves.


Instagram:  @selvakumaraswamy

Jayden is an Ensemble leader and artist of The House That Dan Built. She has trained as a classical ballet dancer for ten years, and also has been vocally trained since she was eight. She was a vocalist in Sydney Chamber Opera’s world premier of The Howling Girls in 2018 & 2019 for Tokyo Festival. She performed in the chorus of Angelica Mesiti’s work ASSEMBLY for the Venice Biennale 2019. Jayden has been a core ensemble member of The House since 2014 and continues to explore the female voice and its development over time through music.



Instagram:  @halkyonray 

hal instagram.png


School was weird, right? That's what I thought. "Field Study Notes" is a series of loosely connected vignettes that I started writing back when I was 14 and listened to a lot of comedy horror podcasts, because I looked around and thought "Wow. This is Truly Horrifying." It's pretty quirky and lots of fun. I hope you enjoy. 

Hal is a nineteen-year-old queer musician, writer and songwriter, with a traineeship at The House that Dan Built in 2021.


Hal started writing music with the Toy Choir back in 2016 and through The House, has been involved in projects such as Angelica Mesiti's Assembly, Juxta and most recently, Bagatelle. Right now Hal is particularly fascinated with supernatural themes, dark imagery, comical weirdness, celebrations of queer identity and acoustic guitar, so expect these to crop up regularly in both writing and conversations.


For the moment, they're thrilled to have so many opportunities to create with The House, but sometime soon they reckon they'll get a band together and record an album about love, monsters and the end of the world. 


Every single song you’ll hear of mine was written in my bedroom. They’re all intensely personal, and to be honest I’m pretty scared for you to hear them. I hope that once they’re out in the world, they become not just manifestations of how I was feeling at one particular moment, but start to represent moments in your life as well. 



Instagram:  @musicbysamara_


When I write songs, it comes first from a place of self indulgence. I think to be an artist, you have to be at least a little bit vain, to believe that your emotions and experiences could have some effect on someone else. Writings songs is a part of my day when I allow myself to be obsessive, to examine my experiences and to pull apart my personality. I also get to explore, to appreciate different parts of my life and to become a more attentive observer. I won’t lie, it’s difficult to share my work because I can’t separate myself from it. So if you’re hearing something that I made, it’s something I’m very proud of, that I’ve spent hours on, and I’ve obsessed over every detail. If you are hearing it, I’m hoping, in a slightly self centred way, that you’ll apply it to your own life, that it will begin to represent some of your experiences and not just mine. Listening to a song is a moment in itself, but a good song will trigger other moments, both remembered and created. I would be honoured if my songs was just one of the millions of moments in your life. 


Comedy is my passion and genre of choice as a filmmaker. Comedy brightens the soul and creates room for what is “other” to mainstream. I’ve been privileged to work with an almost fully female cast to create a series of comedy sketches, with three appearing in this festival. 



Instagram: @coconutfacecomedy  | Facebook |



CFC Dynamic.png

Trish Koutrodimos is a Sydney-based comedy writer. She is the head writer and producer of the YouTube channel, Coconut Face Comedy and writer/director/producer of the web series, Baby, It’s Just Business. Trish has written sketches for Mainland Tonight and Meraki.TV and co-written/starred in sketch shows that have been performed at the Belvoir St Theatre and Factory Theatre. Her stand-up show, Pants on the Wall, debuted at the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

All three of her comedy sketches that appear in this festival (Give Me 20!, Mask Shopping and Womens Handbags) were written/produced by a woman and star an exclusively female cast. They reflect the power, frustrations and struggles of the everyday woman, as seen through a comedic lens. 


I am a Sydney-based multidisciplinary artist, curator, and Artistic Associate for the global arts initiative, Micro Galleries. My practice is primarily based in photography and moving image, exploring the abstraction and stillness of time and place, considering our connection with placemaking, identity and the relationship between nature, the urban landscape, and the human condition.  

Rhiannon Hopley

Instagram:  @RhiannonHopley  | Website


Rhiannon Hopley was awarded First Prize in photography for the Gosford ArtPrize, 2013 and Commended for the main prize, 2015. She was selected as a finalist for various awards, including Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2021 and 2013, HIDDEN Rookwood 2018, Percival Photographic Portrait Prize 2018, North Sydney Art Prize 2017, and, The 39th Alice Prize, NT 2016. 


Hopley has shown at Art Fairs including Queer – A Celebration of Art and Activism, Nepal 2021, Dia Los Muertos Festival, London 2019, DENFair Melbourne 2017 and selected to exhibit with .M Contemporary for their exhibition ‘No Place Like Home’, for Sydney Contemporary 2015.


Selected in 2019 for Micro Galleries International Artist Collective, and was the Creative Lead for MG’s Project/Forward:2047. A three-day global projection festival in 2020, screened in Kenya, Nepal, Colombia, Indonesia, Peru, Jordan, Hong Kong, Austria, Italy, USA, Spain, and Australia. The festival featured her work alongside over 50 international artists.


Contemporary pop with depth and life. Holly has always had a passion for creative expression, songwriting and performing. Her focus being music and it’s ability to unite and heal the community. In these times of separation and isolation Holly has been writing material that offers an outlet of release and hope. 



Instagram:  @holly_riva 

holly qr.jpg

“Holly has an abundance of natural, creative talent, coupled with the most stunning and instantly identifiable voice”

“Great Voice!”

“Love that song!”

“Really enjoyed writing with her, she brings so much energy to the session!” 



2022 will definitely be the year introduced to this amazing continues to impress on a daily in which the world will be young singer/songwriter, who basis. 


Holly Riva has already received accolades like those above from people within the Music Industry who are well established and respected in the record and publishing worlds. In the past two years, courtesy of her great friends at Fairwood Music, she has written with some incredibly talented contemporary UK songwriters and is starting to accumulate a superb body of work.

Having had her first track featured in the hot new independent movie

“Lair” starring John Hannah, Holly is now writing for the second season of

new hit Australian soap “Bump”, and together with co-writer Craig

Gannon (‘The Smiths’) has written and recorded a beautiful new song

“Hope”, which will be featuring as the theme for all videos and information products put out in the coming months by the fabulous “Hope Foundation”, an incredible charity organisation which gives huge support to thousands of deprived street kids in India. 

Having been held up over the past year by her inability to travel due to Covid, she is finally preparing for her launch as a recording artist in the next few months. Supported by a great team of professionals put together by her management team, Holly will be releasing her first product as soon as she can start to travel, hopefully before the end of the year, or if not in January. 

Holly lives, and so is currently based in her native Sydney, where there is an abundance of great creatives, some of whom are starting to storyboard great video ideas for the first releases. 



My box will consist of poems, imagery, music and a visual-poem film. 

My poems are spoken from the lens of a young, Filipina-Australian woman. I aim to embody the push and pull of my two cultural identities conflicting with each other. 

References to my Filipino side versus my Anglo-Saxon side aren’t always explicit in my poetry, however I aim to give voice to a strong woman that can speak adamantly for both sides. I attribute some of the ambivalent views in my life, to my two cultures coming up against each other and not resolving themselves. My poems are my stream of consciousness, my inner thoughts and outward views on the world.  

The musical playlist and voice-overs attached to the box experience; is for audiences to be immersed into a subliminal world. The particular photographs chosen for each poem, are utilised to express some of the feelings and behaviours I had experienced, when writing these poems. 

Finally, the visual poem film is a taster of what will be showcased for the live experience in February.

poems, imagery, music


Tamara Lee Bailey

Instagram:  @tamaralee.bailey | Facebook | Website

X - QR Code.png

Tamara is a multi-disciplinary female Filipino- Australian artist. She has recently graduated with a Bachelor Degree in acting from Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) in 2019. Prior to that, she studied literature and performance studies at University of Sydney. In her training Tamara performed in a diverse range of roles, including Desdemona in Othello (dir. Budi Miller), Canary Mary in Fucking A (dir. Candy Bowers), Varya in The Cherry Orchard (dir. Helen Trenos) and Cindy in Fefu and Her Friends (dir. Sapidah Kian). Upon graduating Tamara performed as Ash in The Great Australian Play (dir. Saro Lusty-Cavallari). Tamara has traversed the stages of both Sydney and Melbourne including; ATYP, Riverside, Theatreworks, Genesian Theatre, Sport For Jove-Bella Vista Outdoor Experience, and Victorian College of the Arts.




Heya! My name is Helena Lawrence and I am a Sydney based photography artist. I am dedicated to capturing stories within my artwork, whether it be the story of a small business, the story of a suburb, or the story of the photograph itself. My most recent collection is based on girl culture in our modern world, and how girls feel others see them versus how they see themselves. The aim of these photographs is to showcase girls and women who need a voice, and to give them an opportunity to speak out on subjects that are important to them. these photographs will debut at the Whispers and Roars Festival in February 2022. To view my artwork visit my instagram @helena_lawrence_7


Instagram:  @helena_lawrence_7

Helena Instagram QR.jpeg

Often in art and media women are depicted in incredibly vulnerable and/or passive positions, their primary role to look desirable or to serve as a contrast to the ‘strength’ of masculinity. 

Through this series or work I’m seeking to reclaim some of that familiar imagery to communicate women’s strength as well as their ownership of their bodies and sexuality.



Instagram:  @ys.darling


I’m a self-taught artist based in Sydney. I’ve been using graphite, acrylics and oils to create figurative artwork for over a decade.

Creating an artwork grants me the opportunity to sit with an idea or emotion for an extended period of time, to tease it out and break it down until I’ve made peace with whatever I needed to or transformed a negative into a positive. 

Painting and drawing were originally a means of escape for me but as I’ve developed my work and practice it has become a means of communication, a way to turn scattered abstract thoughts into a clear message and a way to gain a deeper understanding of myself and my values. 

For several years, my work has focused on reclaiming one’s sense of self following trauma and celebrating women’s sexuality. When female-identifying and nonbinary people look at my work I hope they see their strength, their resilience and their innate ability to claim their bodies and sexuality as wholly their own.


This pocket book of lyrics and words is a morsel to tide you over before I wash you out with ‘Baptism’, an operatic-doom musical set spreading into a durational throbbing loop. Let me anoint and embolden the sorrow within you as we submit mind and body. 



Instagram:  @enryka__


Enryka engulfs the stage with heavy drone, distortion and thick harmonics on synthesiser and vocals. She injects her lyrics with sharp declamations on all things carnal, queer, hot and deamonic. Her musical background treads through opera, jazz piano, gothic folk and balkan wailing. 


From 2016-18 she performed in the queer- balkan, music art duo ‘Tribade Marinade’ then turned towards writing and performing cabaret and gothic folk after studying songwriting in the US in 2019. She built upon these pieces with synthesiser and loops tempting a heavier sound that begged a return to her operatic and balkan roots. 


Enryka’s lyrics, melodies and accompaniments are uncanny, rich, disturbed and earnest all at once. They fracture notions of ‘opera’, ’heavy music’ or ‘contemporary’ as she harkens to tones much more ancient and driving.


Mushrooms and Memories is a series exploring how my poor memory deteriorates my relationships. I feel distant from those I care about, and love is more often a second hand piece of knowledge I act on, rather than an emotional experience. This is what love at a distance looks like - fuzzy and vague. 


Deborah Kam

Instagram:  @arler.smalline


Do you ever think about how humans have been creating as long as we were humans? I get emotional thinking about our long standing relationship with art. I’d hate to lose it.


Don’t forget that creativity is in our blood. Don’t forget neolithic pigmented handprints on stone walls, don’t forget that ancient pottery had decoration and embellishment, don’t forget we have constellations because we decided to paint the sky in stories. 


Because if you forget it, something crucial has been lost.


We put magic in the mundane and see beauty in the bland. We do it all in song, in paint, in movement. Art is a medium for our important messages, for our experiences and our identities.

If you look closely, you can see someone develop their personhood through what they create. What are we without that? The world would be empty; so empty, if we didn’t put beauty and love in it through our art.


Traditional structures in music, art, and social practice exist to control and create order. This electronic work uses individual interpretations of a stimulus to explore how rearranging and reimagining can draw out new ideas and highlight hidden narratives.

Harmony in Australis


Instagram:  @audreyormella

Audrey is an emerging Sydney-based composer whose musical ideas derive from visuals and conceptual thinking. From 2018 Audrey has been involved in SALT and TheLongTableProject from TheHouseThatDanBuilt, Artology’s Fanfare Competition in 2019 with the AYO, Gondwana Festival of Summer Voices in 2020 with Paul Stanhope and Gordon Hamilton, International Make Music Day in 2020, The Australian Voices ‘Far and Near’ commission in 2020 and most recently JUXTA from Felix Cross and Katrina Douglas. Audrey is currently studying Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.


A gallery of whimsy that explores universal issues of introspection and the thoughts and ideas of our everyday lives through relatable ubiquitous humor, brought to life though quick, expressive fineline sketches. By transforming these frames into a tangible, interactive medium, I hope to create sparks of conversation between fellow viewers.


Jess Scarfe

Instagram:  @jescarfe  @conversational_art  


Facebook: Jess Scarfe


Jessica is a Sydney based artist who dabbles in various art department jobs as a set/prop designer/dresser for television film and theatre. In 2012, she graduated from a Diploma in Visual Merchandising, and in 2017 picked up an Advanced Diploma in Production Design and Event Management. Her studies have fine-tuned her ability to capture and reflect feelings and emotions of ‘the moment’. Having spent many years sketching the quirks of her surroundings, Jessica began sharing her works in 2019 with her instagram account @conversational_art. 


“Sound and Colour” is a tutorial that essentially enables participants with the ability to create their own compositions and live performances. By re-appropriating MAX for live presets and lessons, you can learn how to remediate visuals and uncover a whole new soundscape unique to your setting. 



Instagram:  @Okuesha_Kills  | Facebook | Soundcloud


Liliana Occhiuto (A.K.A Okuesha Kills)  is Western Sydney based sound artist who works across numerous artistic disciplines to create emotionally evocative and immersive pieces suited to art installations, film and theatre work.


Constructed with the intent to connect with the listener, audio samples are combined with commonplace means of instrumentation to create non-conventional and conceptually rich pieces of sonic art. Elements of electronica, progressive rock, as well as the beauty in the sounds of everyday life are blended to help develop ambient environments that are texturally diverse and engaging.


Throughout her time as an artist and active collaborator, this artist has created works that have been displayed across numerous institutions including Carriageworks, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, PACT. Occhiuto has also created multidisciplinary pieces and helped facilitate learning as part of the Creative Leadership in Learning Program for the Sydney Opera House.



Lauren explores the intersection between art and entertainment, using her everyday happenings, and reflections on her own psychology as material to make people (potentially) lol. She’s influenced by meme and text culture, and how these things impact an audience’s digestion of traditional art media and space.


Instagram:  @lauren__ami   | Website

Lauren Ami.png

(b. 1985, Sydney NSW, Australia)

Lauren Ami is a Sydney-based artist exploring the intersection between art and entertainment, using her everyday happenings and reflections on her own psychology as material to make people (potentially) lol. She’s influenced by meme and text culture, and how these impact an audience’s digestion of traditional art media and space. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Australian Catholic University (ACU) in Strathfield NSW.

Ami has works held in private collections in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. She was a finalist in the Blacktown City Art Prize 2020, and the 2018 Fisher’s Ghost Art Award. 

She held her first solo exhibition with Gaffa Gallery in 2021, and Just a Girl With an Ankle Tan will be Ami's first showing with MAY SPACE Online in November 2021.


Immanuel Kant states that the objectification of a woman is the degradation of her humanity, as she is reduced to a mere sexual instrument. My series Femme Fructueuses distorts the female form in grotesque ways to invite the viewer to question the subject and how we automatically sexualise the female form. 



Instagram:  @laneikka

Laneikka Denne is an award-winning writer and actor from Western Sydney, this is her first venture into photomedia. She is currently touring Follow Me Home with Australian Theatre for Young People nationally around Australia with its Sydney premiere at Griffin Theatre Company. Her debut play DEAD SKIN was awarded the State Theatre Company x Flinders University Young Playwright's Award and premiered at KXT in 2021, published by Australian Plays. She is a finalist in the Canberra Youth Emerging Theatre Commission for 2021. Her work SHITHOLE was the recipient of the Q LAB award in 2020. Laneikka was selected for the Merrigong Playwright's Program in 2020 and is currently a part of KXT’s Step Up Associates Program, The Writer’s Zone (University of Western Sydney). In 2021, the script for her debut short MITSUKU was selected by ScreenJam Productions in the UK to be produced in 2022. Young queer women are at the heart of all of her work, as she seeks to represent real women with agency and intrigue.



My work depicts female identity through personal histories and belonging. This project is inspired by my art journey and encourages and empowers women all ages and backgrounds to use female voice to tell our stories as our stories are important and need to be heard.  

Tamara Pavlovic

Instagram:  @tamara_pavlovic_artist   | Website


Tamara Pavlovic is a Sydney based multidisciplinary artist born in Belgrade, Serbia. Tamara's interests lay in female identity, and the body and they have always been a starting point of her works. The themes of belonging and memories are an ongoing project in Tamara's practice. Tamara employs a wide range of media including painting, mixed media and recently video performance. The series of the dreamlike images that were created with mixed media since the pandemic, are exploring unconscious and are daily meditations where stories unfold.  

Graduating with Master of Art at UNSW Art & Design in 2019, Tamara has won the Works on Paper Prize Blue in 2020 at Blackstone Gallery in Newcastle and has been the finalist in many Art Prizes such as Fisher's Ghost, Blacktown Art Prize, and Hunters Hill Art Prize, to name a few.



Instagram:  @lizjig  @danyetka

dnka + zil met as noisy teens and have been making music together since. exploring the interactions between musician and audience, composition and improvisation, the duo’s music is like a curious deli of sounds and ideas. dnka + zil have been active in the new music scene, performing as part of the music box project’s “Upstairs @ The Glebe”, lost+sound’s pop up series and most recently at the Dubbo Fringe Festival for Voices of Women’s ENTANGLEMENT project.


Elizabeth Jigalin is a composer based in Sydney, Australia. Elizabeth loves to build curious worlds of sound and work with others to collage elements of music, play, theatre, media and the everyday. 

Danica Hobden is a guitarist and improvisor based in Sydney. She enjoys crossing musical boundaries between folk, jazz, rock and classical genres as well as interdisciplinary explorations into theatre and film.



We live in a time in the world where hatred, violence and disagreement is rife, where we see the alt-right building its numbers and political parties are unable to work together. For me, there has never been a more important time for people to engage with the world around them, and this includes through art. As a theatre and film practitioner as well as an activist, art for me was made so that we could understand the world better and empathise with those who are different from us. I hope the work I make is able to help others achieve that. 

Margaret Thanos

Instagram:   @margaret.thanos | Website


Facebook: Margaret Thanos 

Margaret Thanos qr.png

Margaret Thanos is a Greek-Australian director for theatre and film, who is most passionate about making intersectional feminist works. Margaret has directed The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?, Jim Got Shot and Project XXX at the Sydney University Dramatic Society and her short film Sugar High was shortlisted for the Sydney Film Festival 48 Hour Film Fest. In 2022, she will be directing an original work Dark Moon at KXT PopUpstairs. Last year Margaret was a part of Montague Basement's Laboratory Program and this year she will be part of ATYP's Fresh Ink. Margaret is also a activist, with a particular focus on gender equality and climate change at this time. She is one of Plan International's Youth Activists for 2021 and is also involved with a number of other organisations that are helping to make the world a better place. 

Margaret thanos

I am Karmel Jäger, electronic artist, singer and photographer. Initially solely a classical singer, I have come to embrace all the creative sides of myself, and work as a DJ, music producer, composer, vocal coach, photographer, and, more recently, fashion designer. I love sharing my art and ideas and seek to bring joy to all who cross my path. 

your love 

Karmel JÄger

Instagram: @karmeljager (music) 

@this_is_karmel_photography (photography) @@kj_by_karmel_jager (fashion)

Karmel Jäger is a Sydney based DJ, producer and singer and photographer. Originally a professional classical singer based in London, Karmel moved back to her hometown of Sydney in 2017 and dove headlong into the world of electronic music. Her debut EP “Your Love” on the Berlin based label Tooflez Music came out in August 2021.

As a session singer in London, Karmel recorded vocals for numerous blockbuster film, tv and video game music scores, including The Avengers, Star Wars, Sherlock and World of Warcraft. As a DJ Karmel has been a regular at popular Sydney club nights including Sunday Service (Sideboob), Undisclosed (Goodbar, Club 77), This is Living (Allfriends), Birdcage, Tokyo Sing Song (Comfy Grrrl), Lucky Presents and WeLove.

Since the lockdown of 2020 Karmel took up photography, and enjoys playing with aperture and creating interesting colours and patterns with the lens. She so far does not edit any of her photos, and takes pleasure in seeing what can be created in the moment without later alteration. Karmel more recently has been printing her work onto clothing and is keen to move further into the world of fashion.


Amber presents a development in her latest project Rolodex: a telematic performance making phone calls to people from her past onstage in real-time. Conducting unscripted and improvised conversations, Amber confronts the fear of rejection and the awkward in-betweens, forging relationships with strangers and rekindling connections with people she’s grown distant from.



Instagram:  @ambersbored  | Website


Amber Jones has been performing and working as an artist on Dharawal Country since 2017. Amber established the performance collective Ovuhm (2017-2019). Amber completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts and a Bachelor of Communications and Media at the University of Wollongong. Utilising her skills in professional writing and journalism, Amber worked as a contributor and artist for Lucas Ihlein's work EXTRA! EXTRA!, a live newspaper publication project for the Kaldor Public Art Projects at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 2019. In 2020, Amber was invited to collaborate with artists Lucas Ihlein and Kim Williams for the Sydney Biennale as part of the performative duo Sisters of Perpetual Plastix. Amber has contributed to the adaptation of EXTRA!EXTRA! with Malcolm Whittaker for PACT Centre for Emerging Artists across 2020 and 2021. In November 2020, Amber created a video work as part of Wollongong Art Gallery’s exhibition ‘Here + Now: A Decolonist Visualisation of the Illawarra’.


Our grunts are worse, we sweat more, shorter shorts, wedgies, and ‘sexy’ moves intoxicate female sport. The slick movement of a lunging knee, the curling of a bicep- why are these actions something inherently erotic for women playing sport? This devised physical theatre piece will deep dive into the patrolling of female bodies in sport. From outside forecourt ball games, to tracking and training in the wooden arched walkway, and finally to a space that plays with projection and live performance, the audience will experience a multimedia immersive journey into the wonderfully absurd and grotesque aesthetic of sport.



Instagram:  @tamaralee.bailey  



Sportin soundcloud QR Code.png

Tamara is a multi-disciplinary female Filipino- Australian artist. She has recently graduated with a Bachelor Degree in acting from Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) in 2019. Prior to that, she studied literature and performance studies at University of Sydney. In her training Tamara performed in a diverse range of roles, including Desdemona in Othello (dir. Budi Miller), Canary Mary in Fucking A (dir. Candy Bowers), Varya in The Cherry Orchard (dir. Helen Trenos) and Cindy in Fefu and Her Friends (dir. Sapidah Kian). Upon graduating Tamara performed as Ash in The Great Australian Play (dir. Saro Lusty-Cavallari). Tamara has traversed the stages of both Sydney and Melbourne including; ATYP, Riverside, Theatreworks, Genesian Theatre, Sport For Jove-Bella Vista Outdoor Experience, and Victorian College of the Arts.

Bedelia is a groovy, disabled performer, dancer, and theatre maker from Western Sydney. Currently, Bedelia is preparing for her performance of ‘Bagatelle’ with The House That Dan Built, and undertaking activism work with Women With Disabilities Victoria, and Children and Young People with Disability Australia (CYDA) for the Disability Royal Commission. Since wrapping up her mentorship with Anthea Williams last year, Bedelia has most recently worked on ‘Dear Australia’ at the EDGE GREENWAY Festival, trained with choreographer, Riana Head-Toussaint, and performed in the social media frenzy, ‘All That I am Right Now’ with FORM Dance Projects. Besides this, Bedelia is indulging in Aqua Zumba with her twin brother, and knitting poorly.

Laura is an actor, writer and singer, graduating from Actors Centre Australia in 2020. Some of Laura’s credits while studying include Medea, Twelfth Night, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Love for Love and Spring Awakening. Previous credits include DNA with the Public Schools State Drama Company, Bassett (ATYP/ Bittersweet Productions), The Second and Third Age Project (Sport For Jove), Much Ado About Nothing (SUDS) and The Sydney University Womn’s Revue (Sydney Comedy Festival). In 2020 Laura was selected for the ATYP National Writers Studio and had their piece ‘Get Where You’re Going’ selected for publication. This year they performed in Significant Other (New Theatre).


This EP, mainly the single track "HOLY LOVE" , is inspired by love in the purest form.


In our modern day with romanticism almost not around anymore, i was inspired by the frustration of modern relationships and claiming the love we deserve and the sovereignty of our sexuality.


Honouring our bodies and being open about what we want and the love we all deserve respectfully. An ode to the divine feminine, and an ode to holy love!



Instagram:  @russofleurdelea   

Facebook: Leanne Russo Music

Russo is a powerhouse force to be reckoned with. Harnessed with a magnetic and captivating stage presence, Russo has performed in speakeasy burlesque bars to the stages at Big Day Out, wowing audiences with her effortless combination of Piaf-tinged old world soul to sassy modern beats. She has performed alongside the likes of Dune and Kira Puru.

Her songs ranging from pulsating synth-pop anthems to stormy and sultry dark Rnb/soul ballads, she has collaborated with some of the industry's freshest producers and beat makers such as Harts (Prince), and Neal Sutherland (Bertie Blackman, PVT, Sophia Lowe).

This year sees her launch her upcoming EP  titled 'HOLY LOVE III" working with producer Scott Schinella, bringing her style to new realms. 


Miriam green

Instagram:  @Miriam__green13 

Facebook:   Miriam Green

Tiktok:        @Miriam__green13

miriam green.png


Her Connections is about a woman losing connection with herself. Social media and her perception of life stops her from listening to her body, soul, and mind. This isn’t a story of harm to love because woman face different processes. Some simply forget and neglect can be just as harmful.

Miriam is a 3rd year Bachelor of Dramatic Arts (Performance) student at Excelsia College. She performed in Songs for A New World (Excelsia College - 2020), Acting Out (Excelsia College - 2020), Mensch (Excelsia College - 2020), Twelfth Night (Excelsia College - 2020), Acting Out (Excelsia College - 2021), acted and choreographed in James and the Giant Peach (Excelsia College - 2021), was costume designer for The Chairs (2019) at Excelsia College and wrote Periergeia in Acting Out (2021). She has 12 years of dance experience and during her last year of high school (2017), she completed her Speech and Drama teaching diploma with Trinity College London. Her future wishes are to continue writing and create her own theatre but also shares an interest in film and TV productions.



Instagram:  @skye_ssgw

SGW QR code.png

I am an aspiring singer, songwriter, photographer, and performer. Through the arts I have learnt a lot about myself. From a young age I have been heavily involved in performing arts, from ATYP classes and workshops, learning theatre skills with Natalie Richards, and taking

vocal and violin lessons. Since joining the ensemble at The House That Dan Built at the end of 2020, I have wanted to fully immerse myself in the ensemble, and I jump at any opportunity to work with other artists and put some of my own work out there. A big part of

my work explores emotions and themes that are stigmatised in society.



Auditory spatial awareness is the exploration of three aspects: Sensation (physical space), Perception (the history of a space) and Affect (what does it mean to be in the space). In this work you will explore my journey of the Darlinghurst Gaol, before going on your own journey.


Instagram:  @micayla_lucy 

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Micayla is an emerging female artist whose interests lie in sound and experience. In her Bachelor studies she decided to focus on sonic arts and the creation of sound. She has a passion for creating music that makes a difference.


Micayla has been performing for many years. Starting off as a saxophonist, she has played with many ensembles including the Sydney Youth Orchestra. She is also an enthusiastic musical theatre performer, participating in many musicals and stage performances.


She has completed her Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Theatre and Performing Arts and by the end of the year she will have completed her Bachelor of Music with Honours. As her studies come to an end, Micayla is ready to get out there and create as art and music that makes a difference and creates experiences. 


beautiful autopsy

Kittu Hoyne

Kittu Hoyne is a singer and performer based in Sydney, trained in classical voice, with a background in contemporary and classical dance and the Suzuki actor training. She performed with Opera Australia as the second spirit in Opera Australia’s The Magic Fluteoriginally directed by Julie Taymor with a full season at the Sydney Opera House. She has performed in Sydney Chamber Opera’s world premiere opera The Howling Girls, directed by Adena Jacobs and composed by Damien Ricketson wth a season at Carriageworks in 2018 and Tokyo Festival in 2019. As a member of the all female ensemble The House that Dan Built, directed by Danielle O’Keefe, Kittu with ensemble members devised and performed the show Tender Young Creatures and SALT with seasons at Carriageworks and Bondi Pavilion. Kittu is one of the selected performers who will be singing and performing in the video artwork ASSEMBLY representing Australia at the 2019 Venice Biennale, directed by Angelica Mesiti.



This work celebrates Ashfield’s many waves of migration. While designing the mural I chatted to various community groups, listened to their stories and took their photographs. The mural shows some of these participants coming together to celebrate Autumn and its harvest surrounded by the lanterns of the Moon Festival.


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Sharon Billinge is an award winning artist with a multi-disciplinary practice concerned with people and relationships. Since 2017 she has been coordinating projects that use mural painting as a way to build community. Each work is site specific and is made in collaboration with the people surrounding the mural site. Some show the history of a site or convey stories and relationships, others address particular issues she believes in.

In 2017 she won the Wall2Wall mural competition and was part of the creative program for the 2019 Inner West Edge Newtown and Edge Ashfield festivals. In the last 12 months she has project managed a mini mural festival, completed a Newtown Art seat commission and been awarded three cultural development grants. Her work has been exhibited in institutions around Australia and there are over ten of her large-scale murals dotted across Sydney.


My piece "Blue Skies' explores the different discussions that took place both when we first heard about the effects of climate change, and the ones that are taking place now as we wonder about the future of our planet. As a part of Gen-Z, I wanted to channel the frustration that is felt by the majority of us in a way that left room for discussion and an openness . In order to this, I have written a piece that can be performed by three different generations. My vision for this song is that it can be performed by three multigenerational soloists (potentially myself included), in the hopes that it can convey the severity of our planets current condition in a way that is beautiful.


Sylvie Maree

Sylvie is a vocalist, song writer and multi instrumentalist based in Sydney, Australia.

She is now into her third year with The House that Dan Built, having performed with the Toy Choir and Tender Young Creatures. Sylvie is a creative artist and performer who has

enjoyed her involvement with ATYP, NIDA, The NSW Arts Unit State Drama Ensemble.

My intention as a performer is to take you through a journey of self empowerment, freedom and healing. The music shares a story about trauma, heartbreak, being a woman

in a patriarchal world, as well as sexual empowerment. The energy is fierce, fearless and a little bit queer, too.


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My name is Valentina McQueen. I am a synth-pop singer, songwriter and producer. I write music to help ignite the Queen in all of us, and create music for women and people in the LGBTQI+ community in particular, who seek empowerment and liberation.

As a bisexual woman, my intention is to help listeners embrace themselves exactly as they are, to feel free from the shame that is constantly thrown at them through art. I am here to create a community of badass women feel seen, heard and comfortable to express their sexualities — and to be shamelessly and unapologetically who they are.