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whispers and roars   
festival in a box 

The FESTIVAL IN A BOX is the arts festival that arrives to your door.

Check out the 6 artists who are showcased in the box below!

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Bria Mccarthy

‘Dragon Hearts’ is a brand new work in experimental shadow puppetry that explores ancient myths of dragons, magic and women. Delve into the deep dreams of the past, where we will search for the fierce beasts that have been forgotten, and remember stories that have lasted an age.

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From Jakarta, Indonesia to Eora, Gadigal Land, let Putrika take you to a journey of her inner monologue with her soulful vocal and groovy synths and percussive. Putrika will bring you the sound from her debut self produced EP 'Silmara' and exciting unreleased tracks.

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The Emerald ruby

If I were a bottle, my feelings would overflow and create a new ocean. Sometimes, when I'm lucky, I can reshape those stormy seas into a babbling brook. Channelling feelings through flutes, ukuleles and voice allows me to tame the chaos permitting whimsical folk tunes to emerge in their place.

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VRDA is a self-produced electro indie pop artist from Sydney Australia. Fusing her background as a classical violinist and her love for rich synth and vocal harmonies, she creates a symphony of layered sounds that will both pull at your heartstrings and get your head bobbing.

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Leila harris

Leila Harris is an innovative composer, singer-songwriter, soprano, pianist and producer. Transcending and blurring lines between the genre constraints of classical, contemporary and theatre music. She is passionate about pushing boundaries and using outspoken and unconventional art to uplift and empower.



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Composed and performed by Rose Riebl, directed by Danielle O’Keefe and presented by ‘The House that Dan Built’, REVERENCE is part Requiem, part modern opera; and something entirely new. This singular and intense debut work combines piano, percussion, 6 solo voices and a chorus to create an emotionally charged, bold and layered work.


REVERENCE reshapes the traditional way we have come to experience opera or staged Requiems, and instead it is a journey together into the dark: an immersive, contemporary work, drawing on classical, post-classical, pop and ambient musical styles and using both classical and extended vocal techniques.


Inspired by Anne Carson’s translation of Antigone, this is a story of grief told through song. REVERENCE presents an opportunity to return to art as catharsis, communion and an expression of our shared loss. If we take grief to be a singular experience and mourning something which is processed in the collective, this work brings us all into the same room. From composer, through performers, to the audience and back again, this work is a circle. The experience of grief, mourning are shared and therefore, perhaps, alleviated.

toy choir

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Bursting with happiness the Toy Choir brings the sweet perfection of young voices with the joyous sounds of sugar pop harmonies and infectious ukulele strumming. Overflowing with lyrics and images inspired by the Australian landscape, the Toy Choir is uniquely hearing the ideas and impressions of girls and young women in Australia today.

Founded and directed by Danielle O’Keefe, Toy Choir is an independent youth ensemble dedicated to excellence in choral ensemble work and the development of young artists in singing, songwriting and performance.

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