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The Aurobindo Sound Bath is an intimate and immersive experience of pure vocal harmonies, piano and abstract image. 


Journey on waves of sound and light into the spiritual poetry of Indian mystic, Sri Aurobindo, and emerge transformed.


The Aurobindo Sound Bath Bondi is a new intimate configuration of the broader AUROBINDO PROJECT that seeks to embody the spiritual poetry and philosophy of Indian guru Sri Aurobindo in song and image. Eight ethereal female vocalists offer the audience an immersive theatrical experience through song settings of Aurobindo's poetry, enveloped in pre-dawn images of Stanwell Park Beach.

Composer/MD - Daryl Wallis

Director/singer - Danielle OKeefe 


Singer - Marissa Dikkenberg

Singer - Louise Charman-James

Singer - Grace Partridge

Singer - Amanda Stephens-Lee

Singer - Serena Weatherall

Singer- Jayden Selvakumaraswamy

Singer - Grace Campbell

Singer - Brie Harris 

Singer - Elektra Blinder

Singer - Thu Ngoc Hoang Tran 

Technical  - Danielle O'Keefe

'Thoroughly uplifted and deeply moved by last night's performance.'


'Wow, I don't know how to describe this show, it was truly incredible. Thank you.' Trish

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