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At last we can sing together again, but as artists we are not unchanged. 

Inspired by experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the huge challenges that isolation brought to musicians, we present a series of micro compositions that celebrate choral voice, performed live at the Pitt St Uniting Church. 


Bagatelle is the latest work from The House That Dan Built’s ensemble, in collaboration with celebrated composer Sally Whitwell. 

The human connection of singing together – with voices blended in real space and time – was lost in the ether. We had become shadows, ghosts and phantoms. 

Bagatelle celebrates the return of live performance.


Composed by Sally Whitwell, regular recording artist with ABC Classic with five solo albums that have garnered eight ARIA Nominations and three ARIA Awards. 


Performed by the young women’s ensemble of The House That Dan Built. The house is a female-focussed music organisation that nurtures emerging female voices and works with established professionals, to translate the hopes, fears and lived experiences of generations of women and girls into mesmerising vocal performances. 

 COMPOSITION Sally Whitwell 

DIRECTION Danielle O'Keefe 

SOUND DESIGN William Yates