Yellow Umbrella

61 Victoria Street, Potts Point

A meeting place for the Sydney arts community.


We are a creative commons: a free, accessible, inclusive space for artists, an open source platform for artists IRL.

Yellow Umbrella provides a development space to gather, commune, communicate and build relationships, to rehearse and

perform. We follow in the steps of the Yellow House, the Blue House; homes open to create, which transform private space into

common space.




1. Propose dates for a residency at least 4 weeks in advance of the first date and confirm that the dates are theoretically available 

2. Sit down with Danielle or Charlie and the space’s owners Rick and Rebecca to have a chat about your practice and project. This is not a pitch or ‘curatorial’ meeting, but rather a chance to connect to the stakeholders, building connection, and for us to be mutually comfortable with residency becoming part of the community using what is, in essence, an open private space. 

3. Commit to a public outcome of some sort, at the venue, which will be open to the YU and local communities - this could be a showing, fundraiser, artists forum etc. It need not be your final performance but does need to be public. (So you could in theory rehearse and present a mid-rehearsal-period showing at Yellow and then three weeks later open at the Fitz for instance.)

3. Thereafter we would lock in dates in the calendar and you would have access to the space - either sole use or shared use depending on requirements and availability. This could be for rehearsal development etc. on one or either side of your public event but must include that public event. There will be a small fee for the cleaner to come through after each residency and for the administration of the residencies ‘programme'. The exact amount of that fee to be determined, but probably around $100. 

Please get in contact with  Charles Sanders: 0430 965 946