Daughters of the White Spirit Cult

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The White Spirit Cult

The White Spirit Cult investigates the effect of shame, purity and taboo on women through art and conversation. The project first manifested in Iceland when artist Joanna Joy began to interview women in Iceland about these ideas - their responses dealt with all sorts of areas such as sexuality, periods, body dysmorphia.

Now, with the partnership of The House that Dan Built Productions, Joanna has developed two new manifestations of the work. One for Sydney Fringe Festival, another for Newcastles This is Not Art Festival. In Sydney each night consists of an hour of site specific, performance art followed by an hour of Taboo Talks. These talks will be lead by individuals who work, research or experience taboo on a regular basis.


THURSDAY 13th: Gemma Cribb I Lucie Bee & Cameron Hart.
FRIDAY 14th: Jacqueline (Jak) Haines I Lucie Bee.
SATURDAY 15th: WASH House.
THURSDAY 20th: Beth Goldblatt I Linda Steele I Melissa Kang.

FRIDAY21st: Talat Uppal I Ray Hodgson I DeborahBateson.
SATURDAY 22nd: Tanya Koens I Alecia Simmonds I Jennine Abdul Khalik.

PERFORMERS: Emalyn Knight I Keila Terencio I Anca Frankenhaeuser.


Joanna Joy is a Sydney based multi-disciplinary artist. Her work blurs the boundaries between experimental film, theatre & performance art. Through her practice Joanna explores ideas of origin, connection and counter narratives. She has recently returned from the LungA Art School in Iceland to see her work screened at Melbourne Women in Film Festival and Sydney's For Film's Sake Festival.

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