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Women's Voices being heard.




The House is a visionary force that creates unique experiences to change the world.


The House aims to activate women across the world to feel empowered to speak, to feel like they belong, like they are part of an Army.

The House is an ecosystem that supports female artists to achieve a balance of learning, teaching and doing, so that they can create works of meaning and become the best person they can be.

Women's Voices being heard.

The House that Dan Built is a non-for-profit, female focused arts association, with the objective of The House to include advancing the culture of the Australian people. 

We do this with two clear goals:


  1. To create vocal performances championed by festivals, venues and events synonymous with artistic excellence. 

  2. To unearth and propel the next generation of female composers and songwriters.


What if we were capable of growing our gang and spreading far enough across this country, to light little sparks of inspiration in young women who know through play and delight how to use their voice. How to really use their voice. How to speak so they are heard, stand so they can be counted, and sing so they are happy. 



The House that Dan Built operates around five core sets of values: 




We strive to be recognised as a vocally-innovative national and international arts company. We have seen that pursing mastery of skills is a given when the fire is lit; but true excellence can only be achieved when dedicated women have the opportunity to lead and share their knowledge with the world.


We believe it’s only through experimentation that you will find something new. Arts practice is forever evolving, with each young artist bringing something new to the table. Offering a big, safe space that has the capacity for total chaos, sees the appearance of new patterns, complex systems, and the unpredictable.



We all know that it’s only through rigorous practice of scales and consistent training that the connections between your brain, yourself and your art develop. The adherence to discipline applies to all areas of the House, so we have a structure and system for ongoing improvement.


We believe that an opportunity for access to the arts, should be there for any girl who puts their hand up. We believe continual participation is fostered by ongoing support mechanisms, coupled with easy access to networks across all phases of the artists’ journey. It is through our access and opportunity avenues that the desire for excellence can be ignited. 



Always with joy. 

It always seems impossible until it is done.

Our Goals 

  • To create an eco-system where women can co-create, develop artistically and extend up on their arts careers; across the city and country, both girls and women.


  • To challenge the audience stereotype of ‘the young artist’ - by using a framework that allows our artists to develop and perform in such a way, that it pushes boundaries and existing perceptions. ‘We want the audience to see they are excellent now.’


  • To create excellent, accessible theatre and music

  • To create an eco-system of arts collaboration; a place where women can both co-create and build their arts career within a community of female artists, across city/country locations and ages 

  • A safe space for women of all ages to share their stories, and learn how to really use their voice

  • To continue creating and developing new audiences: regional, city, international, online.

  • To be able to measure and contribute to increased participation in regional theatre and music

  • To become an accessible content provider, connecting those without easy access to Performance and Music. 

  • To work ethically and sustainably across all aspects of our practice and organisation. Ensuring our footprint is discussed and challenged across each point of decision making.

  • To create one major work per year, to be rolled out over a three-year period

  • To develop one minor work spotlighting our values every year

  • To continue to champion young women as the amazing artists and leaders that they are, now.

The mission of The House is to provide opportunities to people who, due to their experience of gender, have faced exclusion from artistic spaces. This applies of course to any trans and non binary people who feel connected to woman/girlhood and/or safe and represented in women’s spaces.
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