90% of young women don’t feel safe in the city at night. 1 in 5 women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime. Girls have learnt to curl in on themselves, inhabiting a smaller space than they need in order to remain unnoticed. Tender Young Creatures is an exploration of the world these girls inhabit. 

A chorus of 100 girls voices cry out to the daughters of the world as audiences are led through a nocturnal landscape. Moving through harmonies, melodies, monologues and chants, the 100 young women, led by 8 original cast members create forests and houses filled with the threat of the Wolf.

"Tender Young Creatures melds elements of the Red Riding Hood story into a short (50 minutes), purposeful and well executed work of immersive theatre for all ages."


"TENDER YOUNG CREATURES ultimately explodes with female energy.

By the time words like ‘sweat’, ‘claws’, ‘blood’ echo and a sudden, stunning percussion fills the space the audience is assured of the girls’ safety and future. With the settling of emotions and the return of logic, one can fully recognise what a rich, elegant and professional work this is."


Tender Young Creatures is based on the narrative of Little Red Riding Hood, and built around the cast and creatives own experiences. Moving through 10 distinct moments, the performers weave around the audience, and the audience becomes Little Red Riding Hood. Direct eye contact, speech, and song evoke an instinctive reaction in many audience members to turn away or hide. 


The other outcome is the shift in audience perspective. It’s one thing to tell the audience you carry keys between your fingers at night. It’s another to make them feel the cold metal in their hand and the sweat on their palm. By giving the audience the experience of being a girl alone at night, Tender Young Creatures creates an empathetic audience willing to listen to young girls, and engage in meaningful conversation. 


By questioning the traditional relationship between performer and audience, Tender Young Creatures subverts the role we expect young girls to play in public life.

Directed by Danielle O’Keefe and first devised in 2016, the show has undergone three separate developments to refine and distil the core messages and themes. We can expand our core cast form 12 to 100 voices. With our Ensemble leaders becoming their own mini choir masters. 


Tender Young Creatures is available to tour.

Please contact Director Danielle O’Keefe for more information.



“ Tender Young Creatures is to theatre as Clementine Ford's Fight Like A Girl is to literature. TYC is a rallying call to females young and old. We need to look at the messages we are teaching our girls in today's western society; don't walk alone late at night, don't dress in a provocative fashion, don't provoke the beast or you may get hurt. All these thoughts were running through my mind as I watched the play unfold in a small warehouse space. 

I was so immersed in this incredible work that I forgot how young the performers were until the show ended. The girls worked as a tight knit ensemble to create a very moving piece of theatre. Danielle and Natalie have gathered a group of young women who are so talented and focused and driven to make important work that this show must be seen by a wider audience. "