We are pretty ambitious here at The House and have a whole lot of people in our corner, and we are so grateful, which is another huge element of how we roll - GRATITUDE.


Thank you for all your support.


Natalie Richards

Sunita Lewis - our gorgeous TYC logo and images on this site

Katrina Douglas 

Laura Turner  - our amazing TYC and Toy choir videos and for her on going support.

Chloe de Britto - our amazing videographer

Rachael Coopes 

Louise Read

Stephen & Joanne Pronk

Mandy Kelly - for our wonderful hats!

Paul Hoyne for his incredible Logos.  

Jerome Dernoncourt for animating these logos and literally making this house burst with joy.

Isobel Moss-Robinson and Jayden Selvakumaraswamy two of the original gang members who are invaluable.

Alex Walker

Julie and David who from the very beginning have been pushing me on.

Paulina and Julian Selvakumaraswamy 

Rick Shaw, Rebecca Johnston and Charlie Saunders - Yellow Umbrella

Rubinee Hoyne 

Kate Johnson, Maryann Wright Serena Weatherall 

Rebecca Toss, Sally Cahill McQuinn, Veronica Holloway, Belinda Scanlan- Hoppe, 

Laura Fitzsimmons and Meagan Van Gent Alyce Fisher.


Delena Gaffney                                   Jessica Tuckwell

Matt Van Gent                                           Kelly Murphy

Sally Williams                                      Lauren Kirkwood

Kate Butler                                               Justine Moyle

Greg & Nicole Angus                             Fleur Beaupert

Spencer Keeble                               Deb and Andy Hall

Crystal Bergemann                           Shauna Anderson

Inge and Pat Crivelli                                Leah Thomas

Lee Quan Chan                                           Adrian Lee

Kristen Clark                                       Edward Spowart

Helen and Malcom Dickie                 Benjamin Franklin

Gabriella Rooney                     Yinka - (Mahlia) Olaitan

Andrea Wilson                                        Geremy Glew

Shaun Parker                                       Tom McKinnon