You Want Me (Mix 1 Mastered)HOLLY RIVA
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I'll help you find it Mix2HOLLY RIVA
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Holly Riva - Probably Not Right For Me - JBPrnt12HOLLY RIVA
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Hypnotised Mix 3 (1)HOLLY RIVA
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The House has gathered an inspiring group of emerging woman artists—composers, performers, visual artists and multi-art practitioners—and given them a challenge: create a joyous and compelling work that our audience can experience at home that goes far beyond a concert on Zoom. These works will be interactive, tactile, experiential and surprising. Our boxes will be full of things to see, hear, smell, taste, touch and do, and they will come to you, wherever you are in Australia, in the post.


There are three boxes to choose from:


THE FAMILY BOX will have works suitable for all ages with hands-on experiences that will be the antidote to home-schooling and lockdown fatigue.


THE SAMPLE BOX will give you a lucky dip of experiences.


THE MEGA BOX will bring you everything our artists have created and deliver an entire arts festival, without the crowds, direct to your door. This box will contain some experiences that aren’t suitable for audiences under the age of 15.


Boxes will be mailed in November.


Supplies are limited so don’t wait to purchase your box.