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Tender Young Creatures is a live installation centred around the theme of young women walking at night. Inspired by the classic tale of Red Riding Hood, the performance is a contemporary look at the wolf which lives inside us.

In a highly visual and richly aural landscape, sixteen young female performers and singers reignite Red’s story and asks us to consider fear, the thing which we feed most.


A chorus of young voices cry out to the daughters of the world amidst a backdrop of moving images and projected animations. This is a work which offers young female voices a platform to be heard

Development 2 explored and tested the material with the intention of creating a tourable festival work. The ensemble now works in 6 parts, which concertinas to 12, 18, 60 or 102 cast member strong.  Development 2 has the girls controlling the space using live drums and interacting with the visuals through a live VJ artist.


To test the touring model we added 6 new ensemble members to see how possible the learning and embodying of the 6 parts was in a short period of time. Using vocal and physical training sessions to create a cohesive ensemble, we were able to deliver a development presentation that was unable to distinguish between old and new cast members. We are excited about the possibility of incorporating local choruses of girls in the places we tour.

8 minute short video of TYC @Carriageworks Nov 4th 2017.



























Tender Young Creatures (TYC) has 11 "moments" in 6 parts. 4 parts sing, 1 layers text and the final are the musicians.

The 11 moments take on different flavours of female expression.

This is an instillation so the harmonies fall all around the audience, and are not a flat sound like these rehearsal tracks. The girls sing directly to one person and then move on. These are cut rehearsal to give a sense of the music and do not include text.


Moment 1 - Mothers advice. All the advice and well meaning intentions given to girls as they venture out into the world. 

Whispered" "A girl walks. She walks alone night.

When she ran, the world watched.

What big eyes they have. 

Our Daughters run with wolves, and we throw them to the dogs



"Surround yourself with friends

Beware when the day ends

Never talk to strangers

Think of all the dangers

Keep your alert

For anyone that could hurt

Never stray from the path

This night might be your last"

Moment 1 Unknown Artist