Toy Choir pack


Learn and possibly even master simple chords on the happiest instrument in the world. Together we will become familiar with basic song and chord structure and learn to play original songs. This workshop is suitable for the whole family! The interactive lesson plans are facilitated by the Toy Choir, a talented group of female teenage singer/ songwriters and overseen by acclaimed musical director Danielle O’Keefe. The Toy Choir’s infectious melodies and lyrics will have you singing all lockdown! 


Pack includes:
Interactive lesson plan (downloadable video tutorials or sent as on a USB) Original Song booklet

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Girls Singer Songwriter Session

Learn to write your own song. Course work is downloaded. Over 4 digital sessions each girl participating will have created a story, learnt how to structure it, and be given the skills to write their story as a song. Facilitated by the Toy Choir, a talented group of female teenage singer/ songwriters and overseen by musical director Danielle O’Keefe. This workshop is suitable for girls aged 10-18 who are capable of playing an accompanying instrument (guitar, piano, ukulele). An online concert will showcase our compositions. 

Workshop dates: 

May 16th 10am - 12 noon

May 23rd 10am - 12 noon

May 30th 10am - 12 noon

Submit your song by June 3rd.

One on one catch up call with Danielle between June 3rd and June 5th.

CONCERT: June 5th, 7pm

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Song writing and production. 

For advanced songwriting students. This workshop is to take your composition to the next level. Working one on one with a mentor on a single composition you will be given feedback and steps to incorporate into your work.  

Facilitated by Danielle O’Keefe and Industry professionals Jane Sheldon, Jessica O’Donoghue and Damien Ricketson. This workshop is suitable for anyone aged 12+ who has already been song writing and is ready for their next step. An online concert will showcase our compositions.

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$100 workshops